Disney Grab Bag (Alternate Title: I have an amazing husband)

It took him awhile, but my wonderful husband has figured out what sorts of gifts make me happiest. Jewelry, flowers, shoes and purses are, for the most part, wasted on me. (There are some exceptions; nerdy earrings always win.) In fact, Disney and Legos seem to make me happiest. Also, candy. Anything you’d purchase a child works surprisingly well.

Most importantly small, random, surprise, cheap gifts work x10 better than expensive expected or requested ones (which is the exact opposite of his preferred gifts). I enjoy the experience of receiving a gift often more than the gift itself.

So, for no reason other than his desire to see my stress levels decrease, right before the move I received this:


A Disney Grab Bag! Like I said, I’m the equivalent of a child when it comes to gifts- grab bags, blind bags, collect them all, whatever…I am totally there.

I had expressed a desire for one of these when we were in WDW, but you can only get them from Downtown Disney at a specific store. I never managed to get one when we were down there. I had heard about them online. They were supposed to contain a remarkable value for the cost.

How did Jimmy manage to snag one of these? Well, it would have been a LOT harder to sneakily buy one of these and bring it home in the luggage. It’s not like the pin packs which are found everywhere and small. As it turns out, my husband is also very lucky. He has amazing friends who ask him if he wants to buy any secret surprise gifts for me on their trip to Disney. I love all these people so much. They make life better.


This is a giant, difficult-to-photograph and slightly pointless eraser (who uses something this big?).


BUT…cute little hidden Mickey in there. I’m going to slice it up to make lots of small adorable erasers to share with penpals!


OH MY GOD. WHO IS THIS ADORABLE THING?! Okay, so I sort of knew who he was based on the Epcot game “Agent P’s Adventure” or whatever it is. But I needed to do more Googling. This stuffed animal was adorable, and so soft. I needed a reason to keep him..here is what I found:

Perry the Platypus, also known as Agent P or simply Perry, is an anthropomorphic platypus from the animated television series Phineas and Ferb.”

Also, “Perry is the pet platypus of the Flynn-Fletcher family, and is perceived as mindless and domesticated. In secret, however, he lives a double life as a member of an all-animal espionage organization referred to as the O.W.C.A. (The Organization Without a Cool Acronym). Many secret entrances to his underground lair exist all around the house; such as the side of the house, most notably the tree that his owners sit under in the backyard, and several other everyday objects that seem to elude the family’s attention. He engages in daily battles with Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, an evil scientist who desires to take over the Tri-state area with obscure contraptions that fail every time.”

SOLD. I’ve never seen the show, but Perry sounds awesome.


A Mickey clock that is also a magnet. Not terribly exciting, but I already have a place in mind for this. Also, every house needs some hidden Mickeys.


Hmm…I’m not into Vinylmation but I love Pirate’s…so let’s see.


Hah! Well, if I’m going to love any vinylmation it’d be a grumpy old pirate!


AH! More cuteness! I’ve never been a fan of Snow White herself, but the dwarves are cool. And Tsum Tsums are pretty adorable. I’ve watched a couple of the videos on YouTube.

So, that is my haul from my first Disney grab bag…


I was impressed. They are all great quality items, no filler items in my opinion. And the valuable was about 2x+ the cost.

I’d definitely get another one of these!


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