Abandoned Kitties


When we closed on the house and did the final inspection, we saw two black cats in the yard. Jimmy thought he recognized the cat from when we saw the house the first time (he has a distinct white tuft of hair on his front). But we thought the original owner only had one cat.

When we returned the following weekend. We saw the cat Jimmy recognized again- late at night. Most of our helpers had left for the evening and we were just bringing in some miscellaneous items. The cat attempted to get into the garage.

The following day we didn’t see the cat at all. However, we had our helpers over and we were making a lot of noise moving everything in the house. Our neighbors stopped by and we inquired about the previous owners cats. The little boy told us they had two friendly black cats. The plot thickens.

After our helpers left, it became very clear that these were in fact the owners cats. Every night they began pawing and meowing at the door to come inside. They were very familiar with the property, and hung out on our porch. They were both very sweet but we kept our distance so we didn’t put our own cats at risk. Sadly, adopting two more is out of the question (even if we would very much like to). We cannot stress out our sick Harold anymore than necessary.

Jimmy has spoken to the local animal shelter and Animal Control. Due to scheduling, the friendliness of the cats, and our desire to not have to use cat traps, Jimmy has been feeding the cats and letting them live on the porch all week. This weekend (it may have already happened since I’ve scheduled this post for the weekend), he’ll attempt to crate them himself and drop them off at the shelter. I’ve followed the shelter on FB, they seem to be a really good, active, and popular shelter. Hopefully, there will be a post when they are adopted. I can’t express how hard it was for us to make the decision to turn them away. Especially after they left Jimmy a present (a dead vole) by the door the other day (not sarcasm; cat lovers will understand).


5 thoughts on “Abandoned Kitties

  1. I can’t imagine making that decision it would have defiantly been a hard one. Hopefully they find they a good home. Why wouldn’t the original owners have taken them with them…

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  2. How could the original owners just leave them behind? I know I wouldn’t have been able to, and making that decision would have been hard that’s for sure. But you guys did what was right for your family I’m sure that they will find a wonderful new home for them ☺

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