Mostly Moved to Virginia: Part 3


Today’s post will be mostly photos of the surrounding area that I took in the days after the move. Here is a family of ducks at “our” beach.


I experienced a “Sheetz” for the first time while we were trying to hunt down the part for the car. It’s a gas station with a fast food counter inside. The food is pretty standard fast food fare BUT you get to order on touch screens and there are a ton of options/variety…from sauces to toppings to sides. It was neat. I’d eat there again when I’m in need for something quick.


We got a free beverage thanks to new employee training. It was pretty good.


The nearby highway which we’ll be driving often.

20150527_140832 20150527_140835 20150527_140900

The above photos are all of the Lake our community is centered around. The lake is pretty big with lots of coves (all named after US presidents).


Deer are over abundant in our community. In the short time I was there, I saw several including these guys that were at the top of our driveway. Jimmy has also seen one in our backyard. I’m guessing you can tell who the new residents are (like me) by how often they stop to take pictures of deer.


This is what Jimmy’s commute looks like, for the most part.

That pretty much wraps up all the pictures I took while in Virginia.

Update on Kitties: Everyone is doing good and adjusting just fine. Piggy has had several outings in the basement and has a new window spot. There has been an issue with some outdoor kitties, but I’ll have a separate post about that. I will also have a post about Harree, who is still hanging in there.


3 thoughts on “Mostly Moved to Virginia: Part 3

  1. Random fact: Sheetz (and the eastern PA equivalent, Wawa) is actually more of a fast-food counter with a gas station outside. They both started as convenience stores before adding fuel pumps. I know at least with Wawa that there are still some older stores without the pumps.

    And now you know.


    • Interesting! I suppose my perspective of them was created from signs on the highway, and the fact we got gas there one time before and I was confused by the drive-through.


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