Mostly Moved to Virginia: Part 2

We arrived in Virginia Sunday night, moved in on Monday, and I stayed with Jimmy through Friday morning. I had intended to leave Wednesday, but the latch on the hood of my car decided to break and we had to order a replacement. It sounds like such a simple thing, but you want to make sure it gets replaced properly so your hood doesn’t fly up on you on the highway (particularly in the mountains where the roads are not very straight).


My future kitchen has a window above the sink that looks into the backyard. Our current sink looks at a wall, so this is exciting.


Our new fridge has a water and ice distributing device which we made a LOT of use of on Monday. Lake Monticello water tastes better than Toledo water, thank goodness.


I have a back porch now- exciting!

20150526_202608 20150526_202612 20150526_202621

We now live in a gated community (surprisingly this was our most affordable option). The community is around a lake and there are 5 beaches we can visit. This is “our” beach (the one in our section).

20150527_103735 20150527_103739 20150527_103745

We also have a front porch and this is the view off that. Yes, we have to walk up a flight of stairs to enter our new home- exercise!

Part 3, coming soon, will have more pictures of the surrounding area.


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