Back in Toledo plus GoFundMe Sites

The move was a bit of a chaotic, stressful whirlwind and I wasn’t able to keep up with the regular blog posts. I will begin that again soon, starting with one about Virginia!

In the meantime, here are some GoFundMe pages I think you should checked out. The first one was created by my dad, and the other by a friend. Please check them out, donate if you are inspired to do so, and then share the links!

Help Bring Candace Home– “Candace is in dire straits, financially and emotionally. Her world has collapsed around her and she needs to get home to Florida. Currently, she is stuck in a tiny country town in Iowa. She has a temporary roof over her head provided by a supposed “friend” who is mentally abusive. No one deserves to be kicked when they are down and out. She is  working a physically debilitating job for basically minimum wage at a local nursing home and trying to scrape together enough money to escape to a safer place. She has no family to fall back on for help and support and is basically alone in the world. Her life over the last eight months has been a nightmare that has left her close to being on the street and in severe mental stress. Her entire life, she has been kind and generous with friends and strangers, taking them in when they had no place to go. Now, She finds herself in the same position…” Click on the link for more info.

Help for Heather– “In 2006, I was diagnosed with PTSD. For the past three years or so I’ve had tremendous amounts of trouble finding any lasting reprieve from my mental health struggles. Since 2012, I have tried many treatment methods including 3 months in a partial hospitalization program, over two years of one on one therapy, countless medications, getting a service dog (who is still in training) and another partial hospitilization recently, all with limited success. During that time, I was out of work on short term and was terminated when I went on long term disability. Around late fall 2014, evidence began pointing to PTSD not being the correct diagnosis and me actually having some form of mood disorder. Since then, three different psychiatrists and a therapist have all pointed toward a potential diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder…”  Click on the link for more info.


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