Sims Stuff Pack: Luxury Items

Wow! There has been so much content this year for the Sims 4- I wish I had more time to play!

They only announced this item LAST WEEK, but it’s already for sale!


Previous “Stuff Packs” for the Sims 3 contained only items with no gameplay value…just extra clothes, furniture, etc…  This new stuff pack contains a bunch of items (luxury themed) PLUS two gameplay items.

The items include a buffet table that you can put your own dishes on, and a culinary fountain to be used at fancy parts. Since the pack is “luxury-themed” it also contains a variety of fancy clothes.

I normally wait until stuff packs are on sale (or free with a purchase of another thing) but this pack is only $9.99. It’d be perfect for the Bachelor challenges, so I think I’ll be purchasing it in the near future.


Photos from Sims 4 promotional materials.


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