Keep Harree in Your Thoughts

Harree has seemed a bit off lately. He was still eating, drinking, etc…no obvious signs of a problem but he had lost his enthusiasm and spark.

We decided to bring him to the vet on Wednesday during an appointment for two of my other cats (Fred got another steroid injection because his hair loss has returned; and Dixee had a respiratory infection; both of them are doing much better now).

Harree was losing weight, so we (the vet, Jimmy and I) came up with a plan for some dietary changes (more wet food and encouraging him to drink more). We had planned to monitor his weight for a month to see if that helped.

Yesterday evening, Harree was experiencing clear signs of minor constipation. He passed some stool, but it was far from his usual standard. I called and made another appointment for this morning.

Since then, his symptoms are getting worse. Constipation can be a symptom- of low potassium. Since he has CKD (chronic kidney disease) and has experienced a potassium crisis before, I think this is what we are dealing with. Last night and this morning he only licked his wet food, has spent most of his time sitting or laying on the couch (and he is normally very active) and he isn’t being affectionate (which is very weird).

He has an appointment in 2 hours. I’m anticipating that we’ll do bloodwork to check his potassium levels, and that it’ll come back low. He’ll likely be put on fluids all day, perhaps even tomorrow. I’m hoping at the end of the weekend he’s feeling a bit better and we go back to potassium supplement, and maybe he gets some stool softener.

Please keep your fingers crossed the answer is that simple.



4 thoughts on “Keep Harree in Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think he’s acting this way because he knows things are changing? Cats can be pretty intuitive so maybe he’s feeling all the stress of the move. Regardless, I will definitely be thinking of him and hoping he’ll be more like himself soon!


    • Unfortunately, no. Fred’s hair issues may be caused by the moving stress. And even Dixee’s respiratory infection (stress can lead to weaker immune systems), but I’m 90% certain Harree’s chronic disease is the culprit in his case. His symptoms are too severe, and it doesn’t fit with Harree’s personality. Harree is more flexible than our other cats and adapts to changes readily (he’s been on lots of vacations with us in new places with new people). When he is stressed, he usually responds in a more physical way (not sitting still, picking scratch posts, being aggressive). My “mother’s intuition” is telling me Harree needs his bloodwork done.

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