The Great Peep Migration

Thanks to the move, Jimmy and I have been organizing and purging a lot of items. This included our holiday collection. I found four stuffed “Peeps” that needed to be boxed up with the Easter decorations. I placed them on top of the box in the basement to be done later.

Last week, the Peeps slowly began migrating upstairs…first the yellow peep was found in the kitchen…a couple days later, the blue one was found by the stairs. The four peeps became scattered about the house.

Until this past weekend…


Early one morning while I was in the bathroom, Jimmy called…”Hey, did you do this to the Peeps?” I poked my head out of the bathroom and saw this pile of peeps…the only one missing being the yellow peep I had saved by putting it on the counter. They were previously scattered about the house, and they somehow had congregated into a neat pile.

I can conclude two things from this:

1) One of my cats enjoys organizing items as much as I do

2) The peeps have become cat toys


2 thoughts on “The Great Peep Migration

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