Cat Profiles (Updated): Meredith


Name: Meredith (Source: Click here)

Alternate Names: Mama Meredith

Age: 6+ (estimated)

Origin/History: Showed up in our backyard during the winter of ’09-’10. We felt bad for her, so we began feeding her, and she eventually began living in the snowmobile hut. Once we realized she was probably pregnant, we took her in, isolated her from the others, and got her checked out by the vet. She was pregnant, but otherwise healthy and parasite-free. She gave birth to three kittens in March of 2010, and we adopted her and all three kittens.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Carbs. She loves pretzels and crackers with bold flavors (like honey mustard or buffalo). It took me a long time to convince her to eat wet food. She’s not shy when it comes to stealing food off your plate if she has the chance.

Special Needs: Sometimes her anxiety causes the pH of her urine to become unbalanced. It doesn’t happen often and is easily managed with diet. Her past life as a stray, and whatever situation led her to being a stray, has some repercussions as well. We need to move more slowly around her. She hates being held with two hands, so giving her medications or putting her in a carrier is more difficult.

Personality: We do not know what her situation was before she was outside, though we are certain she is not feral. She is very friendly, was immediately familiar with what a litterbox was, and she isn’t aggressive in the slightest. When we first took her in, she was people shy and very, very skittish. It is possible she was abused…or at least came from a house where one or more individuals did not love her as much as they should have. She’s a lot more affectionate and relaxed now than she was when she moved in. Up until recently, affection was only exchanged when she approached a human. Now, she allows Jimmy and I to approach her (slowly, and only when she’s in the right mood) for petting. Sometimes, she’ll even playfully roll over exposing her belly for pets. She will also eat and drink when we are walking around in the kitchen now, which previously made her nervous. If it weren’t for her anxiety issues from being a stray, I think she’d be a very warm and loving lap kitty.

Favorite Activities: looking out the window & growling at other cats in the yard (she has given herself the position of guard), demanding that her butt (well, lower back) be scratched, curling up in adorable positions with her children, making cute noises and playfully running away from Harree…regardless of whether or not he is actually chasing her…


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