Soap Surprise Box

I have a new idea that I am super stoked about and wanted to share with you.

Sadly, I won’t be able to implement this for a few months due to the move. My soapcrafting room is going to be packed up and relocated to Virginia during the next few weeks, and I’ll have to wait until I’m down there to pursue this idea.

I’d like to do a monthly surprise soap box.

The box would be a set price and would be stuffed with a wide variety of soaps. Initially, it’d be a general box with all kinds of soap (hand soap, face soap, shaving soap, decorative soap, exfoliation bars, cold process, glycerin…everything). However, I could see the potential for additional themed boxes should the general box do well enough.

Not only would this be a lot of fun, it has a few other benefits.

  • It’ll save me time. The soaps in the boxes won’t require individual posts with photos and descriptions. I can spend more time soapcrafting and less time on facebook.
  • It’ll save customers some time and effort. Customers won’t need to figure out how much of each soap they want and the total cost (since I don’t have an actual store front yet). You just request a box for one flat price (with shipping).
  • Shipping will be more efficient. All the boxes and postage will be exactly the same so I can fill the boxes up and maximize the postage. With the current system, there is wasted space in every box.
  • It’ll help both the customers and I figure out what they want. I’ve found surveys and polls often do not reflect (at all) what people will actually purchase. With the boxes, I can get feedback with what soaps they really liked. I can then put those specific soaps up for sale individually.

But mainly…it just sounds fun. 😀 😀 😀


6 thoughts on “Soap Surprise Box

    • I haven’t tried out too many subscription boxes..and only one on a monthly basis. I subscribe to Naturebox which I really love. There is a world food one I found recently that I want to try once we move. I also want to get some cat subscription boxes!

      At first, I won’t offer a subscription plan for the soap since I won’t have enough information about demand, and I’ll be messing with quantity and price for a long time I suspect. My plan is to make a certain number of boxes each month, and if they sell out increase that number the following month. They may also be every other month for awhile.

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  1. I like it!!!! A general box with all kinds of soap (hand soap, face soap, shaving soap, decorative soap, exfoliation bars, cold process, glycerin…everything) would be a great time saver for me also. If I get 3 or 4 at a time, I’ll already have a gift on hand for a Thank you or just “A Happy Gift” or a What Ever Gift.


  2. That’s a pretty fun idea. I like that it makes things easier for you because you could also slip in things that didn’t sell out as a way to reduce inventory (almost like a bag of crap), even thought that wouldn’t be your typical way of doing it. Should be fun as a buyer, too!


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