“Mystery Show” Podcast- So excited!

I’ve already told you on this blog how much I adore Gimlet Media a podcasting company created by Alex Blumberg (best known for Planet Money and This American Life).

The company started with a podcast called Startup which tracked the creation of Gilmet Media itself. That podcast is in season 2 and tracking a brand new startup. Startup is a good listen even if you have no intention of ever starting a company.

Their second podcast, Reply All, a show about the internet is also really, really good. It covers odd and random stuff about the internet like JenniCam and who invented pop-ups.

So, I was already excited when I heard that they are going to be releasing yet another podcast as I know it’ll be of excellent quality. I was even more on board when they said it’d be hosted by Starlee Kine, as I adore her on This American Life. And then they said it’d be about her solving everyday mysteries. Things people can’t solve on their own or with the help of the internet. Sounds AMAZING. So, so excited!

It’ll be released May 22nd. So keep a look out!


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