TV Show Recommendation: Scott & Bailey

I wanted a show I could watch with dinner (when Jimmy wasn’t around) that Jimmy would likely not be interested in. I wanted it to be on free Hulu, so I didn’t clutter my Netflix “recently watched” queue since I like that to display shows Jimmy & I are watching together. Also, I *wanted* commercial breaks.

Interesting shows with commercial breaks provide great incentive for me to be productive. I get a certain number of chores done and then I get to watch a bit of the show- stopping at the next commercial break. It works very well for me. I am more productive on those nights than nights when I decided not to take breaks. Why? I work faster to complete tasks in order to get another chunk of the show and I don’t get as tired/bored. I use HabitRPG to manage all of this.



I found the show “Scott and Bailey” by typing in on of my favorite words, “mystery”, into Hulu’s search bar. It’s a British detective drama that started back in 2011. There are a few seasons on hulu. It follows the personal and professional lives of two detectives. These two detectives are good friends but at very different stages of their lives with contrasting personalities. The show is a bit unique in that the three main characters are all females. I also find the show to seem a bit more realistic in terms of crime solving. Crimes are not solved by simply a team of partners, but effectively the whole department. There are many scenes with the Chief Inspector directing a round table meeting of the entire team highlighting the division of labor and the massive effort involved.


While I wouldn’t count it among my top favorites, it is very good and I highly recommend it if you like detective shows.


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