Life Update: Moving & Baseball

The buying process is continuing to move forward with no snags, so we should be closing on our new home later this month.

I can’t speak so kindly for the moving process, LOL. We haven’t made nearly enough progress on packing. We both have such limited free time, and small extra “to-dos” keep cropping up. For example, our mortgage company was all “Your loan has been approved. You need an insurance agent…today.” They didn’t phrase it exactly like that, but they sent us an email Thursday night asking for the info, and then Monday morning they were sending us an email implying that it was taking too long for us to get them the info. And then there is the lawn. The sunny weather plus rain has made our lawn grow out of control and that needs to be handled ASAP before the neighborhood association starts hollering. And the car needed an oil change last weekend. Oh, and we still need to grocery shop and make food. Sigh.

Anyway…things are still moving along..some things more slowly than other things. I’m looking forward to the fall when hopefully life will be back to normal (and I’ll be super close to our Disney trip).

Of course, there have been some entertaining distractions from packing….


We got some free tickets to the Mudhens vs. the Pawtucket Redsox. I’m not a fan of baseball (at all) but I love going to live games for the atmosphere. Jimmy enjoys all sports, though. Since this was likely our last opportunity to attend a game in Fifth Third Field, we went.


My only complaint (other than getting home after my bedtime) was all the places that served pretzels were shut down before the 7th inning. All I wanted for a snack after dinner was a soft pretzel (I love pretzels). I walked the entire stadium every place that had pretzels was closed! Some places were still open, but I didn’t want a hotdog and fries. 😦 Oh well.



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