Cat Profiles (Updated): Harree


Name: Harree (Source: Previous owner)

Alternate Names: Harree Potter, Mr. Potter (when he’s in trouble), Harree Butters, Harree Bubbles,  Mr. Bubbles, Harree Buttbutt, Harold (his new name for when he is in trouble, given to him by the vet), Snugglebear

Age: 11

Origin/History: Adopted from the same friend that had Dixee.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Cantaloupe, spinach, tomatoes, soft treats

Special Needs: Harree was born with a kidney condition which did not manifest until he was a few years old (fully grown) and  surfaced shortly after we adopted him. We had one major crisis that alerted us to his condition. The vets did not think he’d recover, but he did. They also suspected he wouldn’t live nearly as long as he has. His condition requires him to be on a special low-protein diet. Lefty and Dixee, due to their old age, also now consume this diet as well. He used to also require a twice daily potassium supplement. He no longer requires that, but his blood levels are still checked twice a year to be safe.

Personality: Harree and I became very close during his kidney crisis. If we were to divide the cats by their apparent human preference, Harree would be firmly in my camp, just like Dixee is unquestionably in Jimmy’s camp. I believe Harree sees himself as my protector. He gets upset (and sometimes a bit aggressive) if another cat hisses at me (usually Lefty because he’s grumpy). He always sleeps next to me when Jimmy is away. He’s super affectionate (a lot of head nudging) and cuddly. When I lean my head toward him and say. “Harree give me a kiss” he usually responds by licking my nose or chin. He is very affectionate toward and protective of both Dixee and Lefty. He is the one most often seen curled up with Lefty and occasionally cleans him. He is the only one Mama Meredith will play with. He is generally sweet, but is also strong and can become aggressive if threatened.

Favorite Activities: Squeaking (his meow is the quietest and very high-pitched), running into the kitchen when he hears a cantaloupe being cut up, chasing Meredith, laying on my arms when I am trying to type, sleeping with his head on my shoulder, cuddling with me during TV time, playing with any feathered toy, picking at a scratch post anytime he seems annoyed


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