Disney Trading Pins: Pin Trader Daisy Icon


Pin Description: Daisy as a pin trader as depicted in a statue outside Pin Traders in Downtown Disney

Series: WDW 2013 Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard Series

Collection: This five pin set includes 5 characters (Buzz, Daisy, Minnie, Mickey and Donald) that are modeled after the statues in front of the major pin store in Downtown Disney

Limited Edition: No

Keep or Trade: Keep

Collecting Series: Yes

Collected From: 2015 WDW Trip; Hidden Mickey Blind Bag

I like this set because it contains classic Disney characters that also have a direct relationship to the pin trading scene. Also, the pins are small (which I love) and cute. Also, I already have 3 of the 5. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Disney Trading Pins: Pin Trader Daisy Icon

  1. That is a really cute pin. We started collecting pins on our honeymoon. Which was was almost 3 years ago. But we seem to only buy them when we are at the parks. We have them on a framed corked board hanging in our living room.


    • We started collecting pins on our honeymoon in January! We’ve only purchased them through the parks too, and I plan on continuing to do so. I don’t trust the stuff on other sites, too many fakes! I don’t do all that much trading either because of the fakes. I get my thrill from the random blind bags for the hidden mickeys!

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      • We only bought one of those boxes of pins that you don’t know what you get and we got some really neat hat pins. I hate that you can’t buy something because you might get a fake. I have not traded either. I am not sure if I will or not. Right now we are keeping them on a framed cork board. It looks nice.


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