Nerding Out About April 2015

Free time has been pretty rare the past few weeks, but here’s what I’ve been…

…listening to…

  • Bizarre States– A podcast that is part of the Nerdist network. The podcast focuses mainly on the paranormal (ghosts, UFOs, etc…). While I am highly skeptical of 100% of what they talk about, it is usually pretty interesting. Listeners share ghost stories, they interview a wide range of people from horror film makers to tarot card readers. They cover a wide variety of topics and you never know what you’ll get on any given show. Caution: swearing and vulgar humor do happen.
  • Stuff You Should Know– SYSK is a great way to learn about a wide variety of topics. This week I’ve learned about ice cream, Stonehenge, earwax, desalination plants, fleas, and I’m about to learn about tea. They provide an interesting overview of the topic and provide some neat facts. However, they aren’t the best at critical thinking, so sometimes extra research is required.
  • Planet Money– It’s sometimes hard to remember that this podcast is actually about financial stuff. They make the information fascinating by providing a good story you can get sucked into. Who knew the economy could be so enjoyable?
  • The Nerdist– Chris interviews a wide variety of guests. I’ve checked out a lot of new music and tv shows thanks to this podcast. I’m often surprised by which of the episodes I find entertaining. Since they talk about whatever the guest wants to talk about, they are often about life, the entertainment industry, or just contain a bunch of riffing that makes me laugh out loud.
  • The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe– My number one source for science news since I know they’ll pick it a part and give me the answer straight without all the media hype. And playing along with science or fiction is a fun time.
  • WDW Prep School Podcast– Shannon runs one of the best Walt Disney World planning websites out there. On top of that, she has a wonderful podcast that gives super useful information every week. It doesn’t have a lot of glitz, but it is short, sweet, useful and recorded well.

Since all my podcast listening happens while I am working, exercising and doing household chores, I manage to listen to a lot of stuff.


  • Rune Factory Frontier– I’ve been struggling to find a satisfying game to play recently. Sims 4 required too much creative energy, Prison Architect required too much thinking, and nothing else was really speaking to me. I’ve been hunting for a game that will motivate me to get items on my to-do list done so that I can take a break. I work better and faster when I have a game to reward myself with. I watched a let’s play video for Wild Season, a game I have been waiting a long time for. Wild Season is a Harvest Moon style game for the PC. Since Wild Season is still early access and I don’t want to spend any money on entertainment, I was inspired to play Harvest Moon. I’ve been having a hard time playing any console games since Jimmy got his giant TV. It’s too big and too far away and I just can’t get in a comfortable position to play a game. Despite this (and not being able to find a nunchuk for quite some time), I sat down to play HM. However, I remembered I had a HM-like game I hadn’t tried- Rune Factory Frontier. It’s like HM (so a mystery to solve while farming, collecting and talking to people) but it has combat and monsters. So, I gave it a try. It did the trick. I’m loving it. The low pressure (you can do whatever you want in as much time as you want) plus relaxing music appears to be exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to play more. Hopefully I can get my fill before Jimmy takes the television and console to Virginia!


  • Corkscrew– Still haven’t finished my dad’s book yet. I’m about 60% done. The last couple updates to my tablet have made it slow and uncooperative. I need to figure out what to do to fix it before I can attempt to read more.


  • Bones– Bones is one of my favorite shows of all time. Comedy and drama are the best combination. Add in a murder mystery every week plus a wonderful cast, and you have a recipe for success (season 10!). I got Jimmy to start watching it with me from the beginning on Netflix a few months ago, so we get a handful of episodes in every weekend when he is home. We are almost at the place that I stopped watching, so new episodes for me soon!

…obsessing about…

  • Still with the Legos
  • Still with the Disney pins
  • Also, Disney trip planning (a huge stress reliever)
  • Oh…and reading Disney Trip Reports on the Dis Boards. On that forum, it’s a common thing for people to post lengthy detailed reports of their trips to Disney.

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