Cat Profiles (updated): Dixee


Name: Dixee (Source: previous owner)

Profile Updated: 4/20/15

Alternate Names: Miss Dixee, Ditsy, The Dixee, Angel Pumpkin Muffin, Snuffles

Age: 15

Origin/History: Dixee and Harree were adopted by Jimmy & I while here in Toledo. Their previous owner was a friend who could no longer keep them.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: chicken broth, green olives, cheeseburgers (in very tiny bits)

Special Needs: Dixee’s special needs primarily relate to her age. She eats a special diet that is better for her aging kidneys, and we steps up to the bed for her, for example. She has a minor respiratory aliment that the vets cannot identify though she has had it for years. She always comes back as pretty healthy after her six-month appointments.

Personality: Dixee has two distinct sides to her personality. On the one hand, she’s the very sweet lap cat that just wants to be pet and purr. She’s friendly and likes to greet visitors. She purrs a loud but breathy sound. You can pick her up easily and carry her anywhere. She’s scared of the outside and will cling to. Sweet, quiet and friendly lap kitty is her personality 80% of the time. But when she wants to play…oh man, she is rough. Get out the bandaids. She takes play very seriously and can get a bit feisty. Also, her nails are super sharp.

Favorite Activities: laying in the sun, cleaning herself and others, laying on laps (particularly Jimmy’s) and getting pet, being tapped fairly forcefully on her back (she prefers this to petting, actually…she’s a little weird), “begging” for food (for her, this means waiting patiently a good distance away, but giving you sad kitty eyes the whole time), “hunting murder babies and feeding her kittens” (translation…she acts out her instinct by capturing stuffed cat toys and delivering them to us…often when she is hoping to score a bite of my meal…we think she is trying to offer a trade)


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