Cat Profiles (updated): Lefty

It’s been 4 years since I’ve updated the cat profiles, so it’s about time!


Name: Lefty (Source: his gimpy left paw)

Profile Updated: 4/14/15

Alternate Names: Telly (former real name), Grandpa Lefty, King Lefty

Age: 21 (estimated)

Origin/History: Lefty was adopted by Jimmy from his previous owner a long time ago. Lefty resided with Jimmy & Bill in their New Bedford, MA apartment before moving out to Ohio with us. We moved out here with only 2 kitties, Lefty was one of them.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Cheez-its, cheese, anything salty, popcorn, loves to lick the dinner plate (and since he is 21 and super thin, he’s allowed to eat whatever he wants)

Special Needs: Lefty has a gimp paw from an injury that didn’t heal properly before we adopted him. The vets we have spoken to all agree that fixing it will cause him to have surgery (and more pain) which isn’t worth it since he gets along fine with it and it doesn’t bother him. More recently, Lefty’s kidneys have been declining slowly (as is expected with his age) and he is on the same special food as Harree.

Personality: Over the last few years, Lefty has become steadily grumpier. He’s very demanding. When he is hungry, wanting affection, or if another cat is annoying him (for example: by sleeping in the spot he wants to sleep in), he’ll cry at you, loudly, until you fix the problem. He’s very affectionate and tolerant. If he was younger, he’d be a great cat for children. Despite his frailty, he still manages to remain dignified and has that regal-like quality that some cats have.

Favorite Activities: sleeping, getting his chin scratched, letting people stack small objects on him, laying on D&D maps, yelling at me, cuddling with Jimmy or I as we watch TV, rolling dice or hitting balls with his gimp paw, purring loudly


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