Disney Pin Trading: Iago Hidden Mickey


Pin Description: Iago from Aladdin

Series: WDW 2013 Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard Series

Collection: Disney Birds. This particular collection has 5 pins, but there are other collections that have different birds.

Limited Edition: No

Keep or Trade: Keep

Collecting Series: Yes

Collected From: 2015 WDW Trip; Hidden Mickey Blind Bag

I’m not a huge fan of Iago. He’s better than some sidekicks, but he’s a bit annoying. However, the bird collections have lots of other awesome birds in them including some rather obscure characters. This collection has Mlle. Upanova (the ostrich from Fantasia), Archimedes (from Sword and the Stone), Allan-a-dale (the rooster from Robin Hood), and Camilla (from the Muppets). In short, I am in love with the rest of this collection, so I’ll adopt Iago to make it a complete set.


3 thoughts on “Disney Pin Trading: Iago Hidden Mickey

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