Disney Planning: Dining and Hotel Choices

Thank you for staying with me throughout all this Disney spamming. The house-buying/moving situation is taking up the majority of my free time and stressing me out to the max. During the little time I have left (such as lunchtime at work) it helps to be able to imagine myself in Disney roughly 283 days from now enjoying a stress-free week with my best friend (my husband) and collecting more Disney pins. Planning the trip and admiring my Disney pins are the only ways I’m staying sane.

I thought I had decided are hotel situation, but more information has come to light. Commonly, there are discounts for rooms and packages during the time we are planning on going. We got 30% off our room last year. With a value resort, we’d be looking at 15%. However, the two value resorts that appeal to me (All Star Movies and Art of Animation) are some of the very, very few exclusions to these deals. So, now I have to determine whether another value resort will be cheaper with the discount, and if it’ll be worth it. Hrrumpf.

In other news, we’ve selected what table service places we plan to eat at. We chose the cheapest places that we didn’t visit on the last trip. We defined cheapest by how it applies to us. Buffets aren’t a good deal for us since we normally share a single entrée, for example. We also needed places to be open for lunch since we plan to do table service for lunch, and quick service for dinner.

All photos credited to https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining

Magic Kingdom



1) The Plaza- The Plaza serves sandwiches, burgers and the like in a turn-of-the-century style dining parlor on Main Street USA. Here we are like to share either the Chicken Strawberry Salad or a turkey sandwich, with some fries and a milkshake or rootbeer float.


2) The Crystal Palace- This restaurant was inspired by Victorian greenhouses. The fact that the Crystal Palace is both a buffet and a character meal (Pooh and friends) speaks to the severe lack of dining options in the Magic Kingdom. The buffet contains salads, pastas, meats, breads and other simple fare.

The Crystal Palace is only a backup. If the new restaurant in Adventureland is open and has table-service lunch, I am going to try my best to get reservations.



1) Via Napoli- Via Napoli is a restaurant and pizzeria in the Italian pavilion serving “authentic southern Italian cuisine.” Their pizza is supposed to be delicious, and that is exactly what we plan on eating!


2) Tokyo Dining- As you may have guessed, this restaurant is in Japan. We’re less likely to share at this restaurant since Jimmy will likely be getting sushi. I will likely get a chicken dish such as their Panko Chicken.

Animal Kingdom


1) Tusker House- The Tusker House is themed like a marketplace and the menu is a buffet of pretty standard American fare with some African flavors.


2) Yak & Yeti- Lunch on our second day at the Animal Kingdom will be at the Yak & Yeti which is a Nepalese-inspired restaurant with pan-Asian cuisine. Potstickers, Lo Mein, Tikka Masala…there is plenty we would love to share here, so who knows what we’ll be eating.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios


1) 50’s Prime Time Cafe- This unique experience combines comfort food, 50’s decor, and punishments for not following dinnertime rules. We have to make sure we order something we like so we manage to finish it and are allowed to order desert.  Maybe Gramdma’s chicken pot pie? Jimmy will need to eat all the peas though!

DHS is a one-day park for us, so that’s what it has one less than the others.


8 thoughts on “Disney Planning: Dining and Hotel Choices

    • The savings haven’t been officially announced, but some of their deals follow the same pattern on an annual basis. The time of year I am looking to go has had discounts the past 5 years at least (according to mousesavers). So it’s more than likely they will have them again in 2016 (though they won’t be announced until October or November, but I can book early and then call in for the discount). For the past five years, the All Star Movies and AoA Little Mermaid rooms have been exempt from the discount. Therefore, if I want the opportunity to get this discount, I need to opt for a different hotel.


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