Disney Trading Pins: Fake Rowlf


Pin Description: Rowlf from the Muppets

Series: WDW Magic Kingdom’s Muppets Mystery Set (if it were legit)

Collection: This collection has 10 pins all individual shots of various Muppet characters.

Limited Edition: No

Keep or Trade: Keep

Collecting Series: ???

Collected From: 2015 WDW Trip; Very first trade; Cast member lanyard swap mystery pin

I have mixed feelings about this pin. It was the first pin I traded for. I was outside Pirate’s of the Caribbean, and we had learned that the ride was shut down for a bit. But a thematically appropriate cast member approached me and asked if I wanted to trade a pin. I chose the “mystery” pin (it was flipped on the lanyard). Something felt off about the pin when I first picked it up, but I didn’t realize until after our trip that it was a fake.

How can I tell it’s a fake? In this case, three reasons:

1) The silver outline of Rowlf is wide and flat. Normal pins tend to feel a bit “bumpier” because the lines are more pronounced.

2) Rough edges. The outer edge of the pin is not smooth.

3) The back of the pin:


In real pins, the Mickey pattern carries all the way to the edge, and you never get a border, as pictured on the left.

If it only had one of these traits, it’d be a tough call. But all three? It’s a fake.

So, what’s wrong with fakes? Well…they don’t look as nice. But, more importantly I don’t want to support them. Yes…Disney is a company with a LOT of money…but I love Disney and they invest that money into making more things I love. I’d rather give my money to Disney than a bunch of cheats. By trading fakes, you support those who make them. Therefore, I’ve resolved to keep any fakes I get.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the fakes- hide them? display them? And I don’t know if I’ll collect the Muppet series and display them with Rowlf…I’m not sure yet.


2 thoughts on “Disney Trading Pins: Fake Rowlf

  1. You would think that with all of the pins that are available, a cast member of all people wouldn’t have fakes to trade. I think if I were given a fake, I would try trading it with another cast member with a mystery pin to see what happens 😛


    • In the future, trading with CM’s won’t be a problem. I’ll avoid the mystery pins, and then ask to see all the pins before accepting a trade. The CMs are really busy and fakes are super abundant, so I understand (after some research and consideration) why they are there. It just sucks.


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