Disney Trip Planning: Disney on my Phone

On my trip in January, I came up with the idea to have a screen on my phone dedicated solely to my Disney trip. It worked incredibly well and I highly recommend creating one if you are traveling to Disney.

I intend on using it again for my next trip. I actually left it intact, and plan on only modifying it slightly.

Here’s what it looks like:



The row down the bottom is just the standard bar for my phone, so ignore that.

The first box is a simple notepad application. Here I wrote down reminders to myself. For example, you can tell from this screenshot that I wanted to buy Disney pins, schedule a wake-up call (they are free and Disney-themed, so never use the boring alarm!), I wanted to find the special Gaston (the one that was in the Youtube clips), I wanted to buy earrings, and I wanted to review my travel agent’s tips. I used a fast an easy app (S Memo), so I could just click on that box and add or delete info very quickly whenever I wanted.

Next, you see a Google calendar. Before the trip, I made a separate Google calendar that contained not only our schedule, but reservation times and confirmation numbers, park opening times, recommended wake-up times, etc…I then set this box to show ONLY that particular calendar and one day at a time. It was very helpful for organizing our day in my head.

I then had room for four applications on the screen and I chose:

  • Camera (essential)
  • Instagram (my preferred place to post pics)
  • My Disney Experience App (this is critical for viewing/making/changing reservations and fastpass+ reservations; it can also tell you where the closest bathroom is)
  • Lines (our trip would not have been so smooth and wonderful and wait-free if it weren’t for this brilliant app…I would never do Disney without it…It’s by the same people who make The Unofficial Guide and run the Touring Plans website; this app allows you to easily update your touring plan to accommodate your current situation…it allows you to have an optimal schedule while still taking bathroom breaks, shopping and wandering off course…just tell it where you are and check off anything new you’ve completed and BAM…it tells you where to go next for the shortest wait on something you still want to do…I should give this app its own post because I could go on and on.)

I’m actually not certain this screen will need any tweaking. I think it’s ready for the next trip!


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