Life Update: Moving to Virginia

Just a general life update…

We are in the process of moving to Virginia. My husband is starting a new job June 1st, so he will be down there sometime in May. I, on the other hand, may take a bit longer to get down there.

Our primary focus these last several weeks has been finding a house. We are buying a home because it’s more affordable for us than renting and we have 8 cats (and exactly 0 people are willing to rent to someone with 8 cats). The downsides are that it is both emotionally and physically exhausting to purchase a home when you are on a timeline. Our options are very limited based on our needs and price range. So far, 3 of the homes that we almost purchased were snapped up before we were able to seal the deal. One house we actually had an offer on, and someone made the seller a better offer in the middle of our negotiations (the house had been on the market for like three years, so we did NOT expect that). The process is very frustrating and time-consuming.

After we buy a house, we need to worry about moving, transporting 8 cats, finding me a job, and selling our current home. So much work. But I am SO excited to be moving to Virginia. The area is gorgeous (mountains! pine trees!) and the city is wonderful- small, but brimming with activity and variety. We’ll likely be living in an area right next to a large lake. It reminds me of Maine, just warmer.

We have one very good candidate of a house we are working on now- please keep your fingers crossed!

While the vast majority of my hobbies, particularly the time-consuming ones, have been put on the back-burner for this process, the Sims (and blogging about Disney pins) is something I can relax with for a few minutes during dinner or before bed. So, it is super exciting that a NEW EXPANSION for the Sims came out TODAY! It’s going to be super amazing. Can’t wait to play!


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