Happy Birthday Kitties!

Today is the Birthday of my three youngest cats, the ones we raised from birth. So, in honor of that, I did the math and here is an updated age list of all my cats!


Miles, Fred and Melody are 5 years old this year!


Mama Meredith is approximately 6 years old.



Harold will be 11 years old this year.


Piggy will be 13 years old.


Dixee will be 15 years old.


And Lefty will be 21 years old.



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kitties!

  1. I can’t believe the kittens will be that old! I mean, Tommy & I were only in Toledo 9 months before they were born? Crazy! What a pic you chose for Harree lol And I think Lefty deserves a drink! 😉


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