Disney Trading Pins: Belle at Beast’s Castle


Pin Description: Belle in front of the Beast’s castle

Series: WDW New Fantasyland Beauty and the Beast Mystery Collection

Collection: This collection has 10 pins that are scenes from Beauty & the Beast

Limited Edition: No (but it does say “Limited Release”, not sure what that means)

Keep or Trade: Either

Collecting Series: Maybe

Collected From: 2015 WDW Trip; New Fantasyland B&B Mystery Collection Box

I picked up a New Fantasyland Mystery Collection box before I really knew what I was doing in the pin trading world and before I had fallen in love with the concept of hidden mickey pins. Mystery collections are easier to collect than hidden mickey’s and lack the same level of randomness and surprise. However, I adore Beauty and The Beast.

I don’t want to actively collect too many types of pins. I’d rather focus on a few specific collections at a time. Therefore, I am not actively collecting this set. At the same time though, it won’t be something I trade easily (like with a Cast Member). If someone approaches me offering to trade something I am actively seeking for this pin, I’d accept. Or if an adorable child requested a trade for this pin, I’d also probably accept. More than likely, this pin will hang out on my trading lanyard for quite sometime. If I still have it when I am ready to expand what I am collecting, it’ll become a solid keeper.


2 thoughts on “Disney Trading Pins: Belle at Beast’s Castle

  1. I think your idea to potentially trade this one is a good idea. Would it be cool to keep? Of course. But would it also work as leverage if someone has something you want more? Absotively posilutely!


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