What I’m nerding out about….

These days, I am…

…listening to…

  • Reply All– Reply All is a show about the internet. It’s very well produced and is full of fascinating quirky things that happen on the internet.
  • Startup– Is about Alex Bloomberg (co-founder of Planet Money, producer of This American Life) as he attempts to start his own podcasting company. Season 2 will be about other people starting businesses. Well-produced and excellent.
  • Invisibilia– Another quality podcast since the hosts are from This American Life and Radiolab, Invisibilia explores the unseen forces that shape our lives. Super interesting.


  • The Sims 4– I’m back playing The Sims on a regular basis thanks to the excitement surrounding the release of the Get to Work Expansion. This expansion has more content than any previous expansion for prior SIm games. I am very much looking forward to the March 31st release!


  • Corkscrew– A murder mystery written by my dad! Here’s the summary: “What would you do if one of your closest friends was murdered and the list of suspects looks like your personal address book? This is the dilemma facing Harry Ransom and his beautiful lady friend Eleanor Tyler as they attempt to identify the killer. Along the way they are in constant danger as the trail leads them across the country and eventually to France.
    Thirty-seven year-old Harry Ransom had led the comfortable, idyllic life of the privileged class. Retiring at age thirty-five to travel the world and collect fine wines, Harry’s life had been peaceful and uneventful, except for the untimely death of his wife fifteen years before. This bucolic existence was shattered when a close friend dies of an apparent heart attack a dinner party where most of Harry’s best friends were present. Also in attendance was Charlie’s cousin, Eleanor Tyler. In the decade since Harry had seen her, she had transformed, phoenix-like, from a mousy, insecure and dowdy housewife into someone scintillating and sexy.
    Shortly thereafter evidence comes to light that the death might not have been from natural causes. Vowing to find the killer and set things right, Harry, with Eleanor at his side, follows the trail from Cape Cod to Napa Valley and back again and then on to France where the truth comes to light.”

…obsessing about…

  • Lego– I need to post some more updates, but you can check out the developments of my Lego village under the “Lego” tag.
  • Disney Pins– Until I can get to Disney next year, DIsney pin trading keeps me sane and happy.
  • Charlottesville, VA- I am moving this summer, and I’ve been doing a lot of research on my new home!

2 thoughts on “What I’m nerding out about….

  1. It’s fun to keep up with what you’re into =) Thanks for sharing! I’m listening to: nothing really. Had an MP3 glitch with the last audiobook I was listening to and haven’t listened to anything since then. Playing: Evil Under the Sun (boy it’s much harder than And Then There Were None). Reading: I’d rather not say due to internet spoilers =P Obsessing: Wedding Planning. I’m currently on a kick to learn my own makeup and train Tommy to do my hair :3


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