Update on Fred

Fred, one of my younger cats, has been suffering from hair loss which I talk about here. He’d been getting worse, to the point where I caught him licking a few times and noticed some teeth marks in the bald patches. So, we took him back to the vet.


Our vet came up with a new hypothesis. Fred is a very anxious cat and full of nervous energy. He does NOT like going to the vet at all. The first time anyone ever reported Fred hissing was at the vet. A long time ago, when this first began (over a year ago), he went in for a dental cleaning. He returned with the standard bald patch that they shave for the procedure. This patch was the start of the problem- it didn’t grow back. Slowly over time, additional spots began to spring up over his legs starting close to the patch.

20150301_191137 20150301_191147

The regrowth of hair can be itchy. Some neurotic cats will then over-groom the itchy areas preventing the hair from growing back. They will also groom other areas nearby to help relieve the itchiness. These new areas simply cause more itchiness, which causes more over-grooming, which causes even more bald spots, which causes more itchiness….and it goes on.

20150301_191215 20150301_191207

To break that cycle and calm down the feeling of itchiness on the skin, they give a steroid injection. It’s not effective in all cats. And it may not be the cause of the hair loss in Fred, but its worth a try.


Fred received his injection on February 28th. Perhaps I am just overly hopeful, but thus far I have yet to catch him over-grooming, and no new teeth marks have appeared. Also, I think I see some hair coming in….fingers crossed.



4 thoughts on “Update on Fred

    • Yeah, cones don’t really work on Fred. He’ll either find a way to take it off; or hurt himself trying. Also, it’s not really bad enough yet to warrant such cruelty. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him all that much.


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