Lego Village: One Ends, Another Begins

A bit of sad news…I’m retiring the Lego Winter Village until next season. It needs a larger and more cat-friendly space to continue. The village gets destroyed less than 24 hours after they rebuild at this point. It isn’t worth creating a new space for it since we’ll be moving in a few months.

You can anticipate seeing it again in full force come next Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to another advent calendar.

A bit of good news…I’m starting a new smaller Lego scene. I’ve relocated some materials on my gaming shelf and cleared out a shelf to use for Legos. I think this will be a cat-free zone.


Here we have a little family of two who ran into a bit of car trouble while traveling to the lake for their canoeing vacation.


I don’t know their names yet.


Or where the other piece of this tire is….(:::glares at Fred:::).


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