Disney Trading Pins: Sweet Tinkerbell


Pin Description: Tinker Bell in a cutie/sweet style with an orange square background.  A silver hidden mickey icon is located in the corner of the pin.

Series: WDW 2013 Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard Series

Collection: Sweet Characters. This pin is supposedly one of 5 in a series of “sweet” styled characters. However, I’ve found photos of 6 characters: Tink, Dumbo, Tigger, Pooh, Bambi and Pinocchio. So, there could be another series of 5 out there but I don’t know what the remaining four look like.

Limited Edition: No

Keep or Trade: Both! (I have a duplicate!)

Collecting Series: Yes

This was one of the first pins I got. Now, I am definitely not a fan of Tinkerbell. However, she’s pretty adorable looking in this style, and I’m a fan of the other characters in this collection as well. Because it’s the cutest Tink I’ve ever seen and it was one of the very first pins I got, I’m going to collect this series. Another Hidden Mickey blind bag gave me another one of these. So I have one to trade too.


2 thoughts on “Disney Trading Pins: Sweet Tinkerbell

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