A Gnome Trader

Here is another shop’s inventory straight out of our current Pathfinder game. You can find others here. Fellow GM’s feel free to snag this and modify for your own means. If you do, I’d love for you to leave a comment…it’d be great to know that someone is reading these! Thanks!

Items come from: Arms & Equipment Guide, Forgotten Realms: Underdark, The Quintessential Halfling and the Kalamar Goods & Gear.

This wagon is maintained by a gnome standing just over 3 feet tall and hardly weighing more than 40 pounds. His skin is a dark tan, but his hair is a very light bronze. His eyes look like two aquamarine gemstones. He travels with two slightly heftier gnomes, both pushing 50 lbs. One has a very similar color skintone, the other one is a bit darker. Both are fair-haired and blue-eyed. While the two guards, one female, one male, are dressed in simple, but sturdy leather armor, the trader’s outfit has a bit more flare. His comfortable leather traveling outfit is enhanced by a blue-grey cape decorated with amethyst gems.

Names of Traders: Zilkas Davyyn Tome, Raston Warden Hive, Xana Fenla Volin

The gnomes prefer to trade their items for items of equal (or greater) value.

Umbrellas- 15 sp (1lb)

Travel Cloak- 10gp (1lb) (pg 64 of the Quintessential Halfling)

Halfling Cordial- 1gp (½ lb) (pg 64 QH)

Pipeweeds (5sp to 10gp, ½ lb)

Smoking Pipes 5gp (carved animals)

Assassin’s Pipe 15gp (tiny blowpipe)

Musical Pipe (10gp)

Wheel Bell (5gp; 5lbs)

Gossamer Robes (made from spiderwebs; + 2 hide/move silently; +1 to AC, cannot be worn with other armor/robes)

Alchemist’s Mineral Acid 20gp 1 lb (pg 67 Underdark)

Caveharp 150gp 3lbs

Shriek Paste 50gp 1lb(pg 67 Underdark)

Spelunker’s Kit 80gp, 5lbs (pg 67 Underdark)


Rackett (flute-lie; but short and wide; great variety of tones; Kalamar Goods & Gear)

Orluian Brandy (5gp; Kalamar Goods & Gear)

The gnomes also have variations of the following foods: turnips, radishes, spinach, parsley, carrots, fennel, onion , garlic, potatoes, peas, mushrooms, apricots, plums


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