I’m back and so is the Lego Village

My lack of posting during the last month has been due to my husband being on winter break, our honeymoon, and then a week of settling back into the normal routine. I’m starting to get back into the rhythm of non-vacation life, and I have loads to tell you about- Disney, my new obsession with Disney pins, an amazing indie PC game, and my latest addiction to the PC game Skyrim.

But first and update on the Lego Winter Village.

It’s not gone nor is it leaving anytime soon. It’ll likely evolve over the next few months to be less Christmassy- and I have some plans for that.

First, we had to revive the village. Apparently while I was away Fred has been using it as a bed…


Such devastation!



Okay, that’s a little better. Now for some new additions!



Carol Candy has begun selling some sweet treats. Will Carol be competition for Brezel- the lady who sells baked goods right next door? Or will they be good friends? Only time will tell!


Johnny Sausage has a new friend in town, Timothee who sells grilled turkey legs, sausage, and other assorted meats.



The town as it stands right now….until Fred lays on it again.


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