Lego Advent Calendar: Day 21


December 21! Happy Solstice!




Christmas presents! A bit boring, BUT I got to construct something AND they are Christmas-related…so better than the bucket…tied with the turkey/wine.


Today, I am also adding this other piece I just completed- not from the advent calendar. Santa’s workshop!


That is a very fancy chair. It swivels. Also there is an awesome picture of Mr. & Mrs. Claus vacationing in Fiji on the wall.


Santa’s digs are looking better!


I would like to clear up a besmirched name. Office Handcuffs did not arrest Prisoner 86753(09) because he wasn’t stealing! Here are the facts:

– We have 1 jewelry stand

– The jewelry stand did not come with an owner/merchant/caretaker

– The only other place we’ve seen jewels is on Prisoner 86753(09).

Conclusion: Prisoner 86753(09) isn’t STEALING. He, in fact, has already done his time. He has turned his ways around and now sells jewels for a living.

This left Officer Handcuffs to arrest the turkey for not being a REAL Lego.


The town tree is looking marvelous.


The other side of town.


Candle from my Iggleswap.



2 thoughts on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 21

  1. I love Santa’s Workplace– it’s adorable! I’m also a fan of your reasoning behind 86753(09) actually being the merchant– perhaps he took that job so he could still be around the jewels 🙂


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