Lego Advent Calendar: Day 19


YAY! So, I found these little minifig packs. Not quite a substitute for an Advent Calendar since they are kind of pricey for what they are, but still really cool. The best part is- they are random. There is one of 16 possibilities within this pouch. I have no idea who will be added to our town. We’ll find our December 26th! And in the future when I am advent-calendar-less this will be a fun thing to do periodically.


On to Day 19.


At first I was super excited, because THAT ladies and gentlemen is a Lego TURKEY. Beautiful. Or so I thought.


At first sight, amazing. However, it doesn’t attach to the table! It doesn’t click in because it is not a true Lego! When Fred jumps on the winter village the turkey will go flying. Hard to move it around, it just slides right off…lame.


But, there is also a bottle of Lego wine. Which is attachable.


Two kitties for the price of one.


Penpal candy.


The turkey is a little bit random…hmm….it’s like the village turkey.





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