Lego Advent Calendar: Day 16


Day 16!

I can’t wait for this weekend! I’ve been so busy every night making Christmas gifts. I haven’t had time to download the latest Sims free update to test out the new careers, or go to bed on time for that matter. Things will finally start slowly down a bit after this weekend. Can’t wait.

20141216_222732 20141216_222739

I swear I took a picture of the pieces, but Google Photos is claiming I didn’t. We quarreled about it, Google won (as always). I present to you a very lame snowmobile with blue lights so I am guessing it belongs to Officer Carol.

20141216_222929 20141216_222937

He’s not going to be able to beat Snowmobile Steve in a race anytime soon…but I think he can take Prisoner 86753(09) since his sled isn’t motorized.



Oh no!


Penpal swap = googly eyes…can’t ever have too many of these…seriously, this is like my favorite gift so far


Oh, good, the world is right again. Thank you, Harold.


One thought on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 16

  1. These posts make my day =D

    Well, with budget cuts and all that, Officer Carrol is lucky he gets a snowmobile at all. As long as he can catch evil doers he’s in good shape đŸ˜‰ I like how it looks like both his hands are occupied while he drives lol

    And I believe the package says Wiggly eyes. I’d like to think that the motion is somehow different than typical eyes, but I’m guessing they behave just like normal.


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