Lego Advent Calendar: Day 15


Day 15…the days are going by so fast. Do they make advent calendars for January? Jimmy has some time off, maybe he can make me one? :p


Okay, so I neatened up the pieces, but there wasn’t anything to assemble, so this is both the before and after shot.

The animal-loving side of me is excited to have a dog in the village, but another part of me is disappointed there was nothing to *build*. He should have come with a saddle and a gnome to ride him. Or a dog bed.


Okay. He just got better. He has a connector on his back…or whatever those things are called…why? What can go on his back? I tried a child…that didn’t work, too big, and the children can’t sit. What does fit? Cupcakes!

Meet Caramel Frosting, the cupcake delivery dog working for Brezel. He has one of the most important jobs in town, delivering cupcakes to people in need…of cupcakes.


Day 15 very blurry overview.




Prisoner 86753(09) escaping on Miles’ back.




Hello Kitty coloring sheet and pencils for today’s iggleswap.


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