Lego Advent Calendar: Day 11


Day 11 has arrived.


Another minifig! I did not expect another person so soon. Looks like a police officer- pretty common in Lego Advent Calendars. Because Lego seems to think Christmas = Crime. Frankly, I’ve been pleased with the LACK of crime in this calendar so far.


Darn it. I didn’t get a good picture of the white thing for you! It is SHEET MUSIC. It’s adorable. As it turns out, this is my favorite character in all of the Lego Winter Village so far. What an unexpected twist!

Meet Officer Carol. Christopher to his friends. Office Carol keeps the winter village safe BUT also wanders around the village with a megaphone singing Christmas carols. He takes caroling seriously.

He comes with an extra megaphone for sharing.


This is an addition not from the calendar, but from the winter village market kit- a park bench with a kitty. Also, three small tables, one of which I put in front of the lamppost. I put another next to the mailbox, and I third I put with the drinking gang.


Now you can see his music!


Sorry for the unfocused picture, but Johnny Sausage has taken up the other megaphone.


One of the new tables came with a mug, so Mrs. Claus joined the party and was able to put her cookies down on the new table as well.


Miss Melody is providing today’s obligatory cat picture.


Today’s penpal swap gift- animals in Santa hats!


3 thoughts on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 11

  1. I love that he came with sheet music! It was kind of hard to see, but I think the music may be Frere Jacques :3 When I first saw two megaphones I just thought he liked to yell a lot, but your idea of sharing makes much more sense. Great name choice, BTW.

    Yay, a kitty for the scene!

    And I love that Johnny sings with his sausage in hand =)


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