Lego Advent Calendar: Day 10

Today’s post is going to be minimal pictures because I wasn’t home last night, so I couldn’t take pictures of my Winter Village. I did bring my advent calendar with me, though.

Also, you can expect EXTRA pictures tomorrows since not being home actually gave me more time to work on a couple projects from the Lego Winter Village Market. Just a couple, but it’ll make things more interesting. πŸ™‚ I am also almost done with the larger project I’ve been working on relating to Santa’s house, so that may get finished tonight as well.



Day 10 brings us….






A snowball catapult. Sadly the surprise and charm of this (working!) item is a bit lost on me because it was already in a previous Lego calendar and I read about it.

Now, if I already HAD the previous catapult I’d be excited since I could then setup a snowball catapult fight.




Penpal gift #10! Land o’ Lakes hot chocolate is pretty good. And there is enough to share.


2 thoughts on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 10

  1. I love the fine print included on the calendar lol

    Yay! I hoped you would get one of these =)

    And I had no idea Land O Lakes made hot chocolate mix. It makes me think it’s secretly just filled with butter.


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