Lego Advent Calendar: Day 8 (apparently)

I’m so confused. I just went to wordpress to post Day 9 only to discover Day 8 not only never posted when scheduled, but also completely disappeared. I wrote the entire post and scheduled it. I *remember* writing the post and I remember publishing it. WTH wordpress??! There are no drafts or any evidence Day 8 ever happened. Not even an autosave? It takes me awhile to setup all the images in these posts- multiple autosaves usually happen. I am so confused. And annoyed. So….you can expect 2 posts today, because WordPress had a breakdown yesterday. Grr….


So, it is Day 8 (again).


Oooo….another child minifig. Somehow I don’t think this is going to help solve our jewelry-or-holiday-display mystery.


Meet Suzie Skates. She really wishes there was some ice in Lego Winter Village.


Miles is helping, but doesn’t want his picture taken.


Oh no! Holly! Fred, what have you done?!


Why do fruit stands always get knocked over?


Oh, the devastation.


Suzie Skates is a new friend for the Pizza Pirate and Larry Letter.


Mama Meredith is not amused that I invade her self-claimed area every time I play with the Lego village.


Watch out Lego Winter Village! There is a monster under the table!


Penpal gift of the day: Christmas Pop Rocks!


Sending Christmas Cards!


One thought on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 8 (apparently)

  1. That sucks you had to re-do day 8 =(

    Suzie’s colors made me think of the Batman villain the Joker =)

    The insurance to own a fruit stand must be expensive, since they get targeted so much.


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