Lego Advent Calendar: Day 7


Day 7 of the Lego Advent Calendar.


Okay…there is a window…but what are all these other bits? My first thought was a Christmas tree in the window, but nope.


I know it’s dark (my living room has poor lighting), but there is an image of the final product on the inside of each window. The green thing is clearly lying flat on the table/counter/somethingbrown thing behind the window.


This appears to be the goal…window front, with display? counter. Green ornamental branch thingy with decorative grapes to display a couple of big gems and a goblet.

I actually searched on the web this morning for an answer and found which seems to specialize in Legos. It brought great comfort as folks seem to be just as confused as I am. Two schools of thought have occurred 1) jewelry store window, 2) window with decorative holiday display of baubles. Given Lego’s obsession with crime and police officers, I am leaning towards the former. However, I have hope that later doors will reveal more of this strange story. Also, I am surprised and delighted that NONE of this was on the box. I was afraid the front cover contained too many spoilers. Yay surprises! It gives me hope that more surprises lay within.

If we aren’t satisfied with the explanation based on the next few doors, we will scrap the piece for parts and make it a counter/display for something more comprehensible. I actually have an idea in mind for this.



Holly is also confused. Also she wants to know (not pictured, sorry) why there is cheese on the roof of the display. Clearly, the stuff on her produce stand was snow, but I think we may steal the jewelry-store-display-thing’s snow and make it more cheese for her.


Mama Meredith was also confused by today’s Lego loot.


Penpal gift equals Christmas Pez dispenser.


3 thoughts on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 7

  1. You’ve inspired me– I’m going to get a random advent calendar and have one of the boys give it to me for my March 1st birthday, and then there will be 24 days after full of random surprises! I think a story could come from it– like if I wrote at least a page per new component each day 😀


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