Lego Advent Calendar: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my Lego Advent Calendar! So excited!!


Here’s what the calendar looks like.


And here’s door #1…


Pieces of a child! Extra hair! Letters!!! As a snailmail enthusiast, I’m satisfied. I love mail.


Meet Larry Letter.


Extra hair. Extra mail. Hmm…what can I use the extra hair for?


The Pizza Pirate has a new friend! Larry and Pizza can play on the dock together with their walk talkie and mail…


I gave the extra letter to Johnny Sausage…he looked like he could use a letter.


Also joining us today in the Lego Winter Village (not through the advent calendar) is Mrs. Claus. She’s giving cookies to the children.


This baby reindeer is going to be named Harree since he won’t stop eating the tree…just like my cat.


Lego Santa and Snowmobile Steve preparing to race.

In other advent calendar news…

I participated in an International Geek Girl Penpal Club swap called Days of December which is advent calendar like because we swap 31 small gifts- one for each day in December. My swap partner Franny spoiled me:


And my first present is….




5 thoughts on “Lego Advent Calendar: Day 1

  1. I thought Larry was a doctor at first, because his jacket pocket and hood pulls align to kinda look like a medial mask laying over his white scrubs, LOL. Yum white fudge Oreos =)


  2. The calendar itself is prettier than I expected. I also thought Larry was a doctor lol =) I love the name for the baby reindeer! And what a good first gift! I’ve gotten those every year for Christmas since I was a little kid =) Enjoy!


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