Lego Winter Village: The Pizza Pirate

Johnny Light Sausage is getting a new neighbor in the winter village- The Pizza Pirate.20141126_153420

The Pizza Pirate lives in a lakeside cottage with an attached dock and a tree growing out the side.


The Pizza Pirate is just a freckle-faced kid with a hat and walkie-talkie.


He also lives in a single room home with minimal furniture and lots of light- it’s the Lego way.


This photo was taken before his house was complete, so I could get a good shot of the treasure map on is wall- the reason he is called “Pirate”.

20141123_212052 20141123_212126

More pictures from before the cottage was completed- pictures of the pizza oven.

20141126_153539 20141126_153514

Pictures of the completed lakeside cottage.


The Pizza Pirate has a pet frog.


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