Day Before Thanksgiving: Brine, Cats, and Johnny Sausage

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, so this morning we made this delicious-smelling brine:


And now I am working on a peanut butter pie- which we’ll eat tonight. Since it’s just the two of us, we are getting a head start on all the food-eating.

The cats are getting really good at the toilet-paper-roll-on-door enrichment. I had to replace the old roll with a new one, this one is more complicated with less holes for the treats to fall out of.


Fred took the lead and was able to get about half the treats out. Miles took over the second half. Fred’s tactics were elegant and swift.


Miles was more clumsy and forceful.

20141126_125353 20141126_125359

But, in the end, they were both victorious.


It snowed in Yet-to-be-named Lego Winter Village.


Johnny Light Sausage was confused by the snow. It makes sense that it snows plastic in a Lego world. Johnny inspected the snow carefully with his tongs.


His new neighbors will be arriving shortly- that will be even more confusing.





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