Cat Enrichment Part 2

As I shared before, I try to do a daily enrichment activity with my cats. Enrichment provides a variety of benefits such as decreased aggression towards other animals, increased friendliness towards humans, less destructive behavior to the house, and most importantly increased activity of the cats (which relates to a wide variety of health benefits).

I have a list of activities that I rotate through. Most of which require little time commitment from me. Here is the second example of an activity:

Once again, you need: paper tower or toilet paper rolls and treats. However, this time you only need one if you have less than half as many cats as I do. 🙂 I use two, so that they can share.

Take a TP roll (a couple sheets of paper is okay for variety). Twist one end- not too tightly, but enough to mostly close it. Add in a small handful of treats. Twist the other end. Toss gently at your cat.

Sniffing, batting, chewing, whacking, and eventually shredding and raking will commence.

20141030_205558 20141030_205542 20141030_205539 20141030_205517 20141030_205505


This is an enrichment challenge that Fred loves because he gets to be violent and destructive- his strengths.

Miss Melody gets bored, and investigates the camera instead…



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