New Kitty Bed

We needed to move one of the futons out of the house for Jimmy to use at his new apartment.  This meant that the other futon, which the cats had become accustomed to using as their personal couch also had to be moved. Temporarily, in its place I put a folded comforter. I noticed the cats used the comforter as a replacement for the futon, with two of them usually sharing the space. I decided we’d eventually get one of those large dog beds for that spot.

A few weeks later, at Pet Smart, we saw the large dog beds…they were quite pricey. I said, “Meh, we can deal with comforter, I was hoping to spend about $30.” Later on that weekend, we went to Costco….bigger beds, $28. So, I got one.

It isn’t in the spot where it’s going to be yet. We had a fantasy draft party and I put a table in that spot for food, one that I haven’t taken down yet. So, I plopped the bed in the living room. Yesterday, I took the day off (doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day) and here is what I observed….


Harree, Meredith, Miles 


Lefty, Meredith, Harree 


Lefty, Meredith, Harree


Dixee, Lefty, Meredith, Harree


Lefty, Dixee, Melody

I think this bed is a success!

EDIT: ARG….wordpress why do you keep putting weird spaces between my photos!


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