The Miss Melody Squirrel

In southeastern Massachusetts, the most common squirrel we see is the Eastern Gray Squirrel.

We do (supposedly) have the American Red Squirrel in Massachusetts, but it isn’t common where I grew up.The larger Fox Squirrel is what I’ve grown used to seeing out here (I think anyway, I’m no squirrel expert).

Everyone who visits us from New England always comments on how large our squirrels are, and now when I go home, I think the squirrels back in NE are small.

Well, Jimmy is now working at a college in the central part of southern Michigan where they have black squirrels…

Since they are tiny, adorable, black, and make funny vocalizations, we’ve taken to referring to them as “Miss Melody” squirrels. In reference to our cat, Melody (see pictures in the bar to your right).


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