Community Sim #1.9:

If this is your first time encountering my Community Sim series, check out the Sims category on this blog for related posts.

If you want to participate in MORE of these stories, go to my Sims blog: Opi’s Sims. I just posted the start of Community Sim #2!!! I will need a few Sims to start with so that I have one to play while another is paused for a poll.

Winning trait: outgoing

Personality so far:

– Aspiration: Knowledge- Renaissance Sim

– Trait #0 (aspiration based): Quick Learner

– Possible Other Traits: self-assured, art lover, materialistic, outgoing

Okay, so there are four categories of traits, but only enough slots for three traits…

It was 100% decided that she has tattoos…

It was also 100% decided that we are going to cover those legs up! It’s hard to tell from the photo, but #4 are fishnets.



Still need more name suggestions! Currently: Rebecca



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