Community Sim #1.6: Trait #2, Hair Style, Dress

If this is your first time encountering my Community Sim series, check out the Sims category on this blog for related posts.

50% of the vote was for self-assured!

Personality so far:

– Aspiration: Knowledge- Renaissance Sim

– Trait #0 (aspiration based): Quick Learner

– Possible Other Traits: self-assured

Updated Look:


We didn’t decided on a hair color yet, it was a tie! I’ve limited your options to those that one the tie, hopefully we’ll get a more definitive winner this time.

NOTE:  When playing around with CAS last night I realized #17 is not the mousey brown it seems- it is next to the grey for a reason. It’s greying hair mixed with brown. It looks good, but please be aware that #17 is actually two colors!



Our dress selection is pretty limited in the CAS demo, loads more will be in the game, but for now we will deal with what we have.

Don’t choose a dress solely on color. We have some color options for each one, which we will pick after.




Thanks for voting! Check back tomorrow for the results! You can start leaving suggestions for names in the comments!



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