Community Sim #1.3: Aspiration and Base Face

If this is your first time encountering my Community Sim series, check out the Sims category on this blog for related posts.

I’ve changed how I am titling these posts to avoid confusion. This part 3 of creating Sim #1, so the title is 1.3.

Yesterday, we had a vote on the skintone of our Sim. At the time of Sim creation, and at the time of posting, skintones 7 & 8 were tied. Since 10 & 12 also had votes, I went with “8” the tone closer to 10 & 12. Sorry folks who wanted blue & green, maybe next time!

When I created the Sim last night, 7 & 8 were tied for bodyshape, as well (I think you guys just like those numbers!) so I went with a combination of the two. However, since then 8 has captured the lead, so during my next edit, I’ll lean it more towards a solid 8.

Here’s is what she looks like currently:


Let’s start work on her personality. First, we should decide what sort of life aspiration will she have at the beginning stages of her life. This can definitely change when she gets older, but in her young adult years, what is important?

Now, let’s choose which of the base faces we want to start with. We’ll modify it a bit after, but what sort of look are we going for?


Thanks for voting! Check back tomorrow for the results!! Comments are welcomed and encouraged. 🙂


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