Community Sim #1.2: Body Shape & Skintone

Scroll down to see Community Sim #1 and an explanation of what this is all about!

Yesterday, my lovely readers who humor me by responding to my polls, you helped me determine the sex of our new Sim pet that will be created by the community and played by me on September 2nd.


And now, dude looks like a lady! ~75% of the vote was for a female!

Now, we need to give her a skintone. I’ve provided a screenshot of the skintones and numbered them, please vote for the number you’d like to see on this Sim. The highlighted tone is the one she already has.

Sims Skin

Now, what will her base body type be? I can adjust this further based on my whim, or perhaps a poll, or maybe some comments, later…but we need to pick a starting place. The below screenshot once again gives you numbered options. The highlighted area is the one shown on the screen above!

Sims Body

Now that you’ve voted, check back tomorrow to see the results and the evolution of our little Sim pet!



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