Community Sim #1.1: Help me make my first Sim!

Too much delicious info has been coming out about the Sims 4 over the last few months. It has made me abandon my Sims 3 playing. Sims 4 comes out September 2nd.

Fortunately, I have the Create-A-Sims Demo!

Create a Sim Demo

Those of you familiar with my other blog (specifically dedicated to the Sims) know I like to do what folks in the Sim ‘verse call “challenges”. Sims is a sandbox game, but not all of us who love the Sims like sandbox games. So, we put constraints on ourselves to serve some sort of goal or purpose.

I don’t know what sorts of challenges will be possible or fun in the new version of the Sims 4 since many changes are taking place. I’m certain I’ll be able to do the Bachelor challenge at some point, but just like when I transitioned from Sims 2 to Sims 3, it’ll take sometime to figure out the logistics of running it. The Bachelor challenge usually requires some cheats or mods. Since all the worlds are connected now, I may need to work out how I can achieve these things without harming the rest of my Sim population. :p

In the meantime, I’ll need some Sims to start my journey with and learn the game through. Supposedly, there are achievements in the game. Depending on how detailed those are, they may become the new version of the completion challenge for me.

Since I’m not doing challenges right away, but still really enjoy interactivity, I’d like to make a Sim or two with my readers- as a community. You can help me decide exactly who my first Sim will be. Once I start playing, you can help me make major life decisions. It’s like having a pet for the blog. We may make more than one, so that I can play with one Sim while the other one’s fate is being decided by a poll here on the blog.

Why this blog and not my Sims blog? Well, I don’t know how my Sims blog will be set-up in the future. This is sort-of review like which is applicable to this blog, and my blog is supposed to have all kinds of nerdy things. I also think I’d update it more often if it were here. And I’m hoping to interest some folks who don’t play the Sims. As I think having a community pet could be entertaining to all!

What do you think? Will you follow along? If you don’t play the Sims, do you have any questions about it? Don’t be shy, I love talking about it!!!


Here’s what our “sim” looks like right now. Really, it’s just the model Sim that popped up when the demo started, but I wanted you to see what the screen looks like. I’ll be posting a shot like this with each step so you can see how the Sim is evolving.

Here is our first question. Since these will be short posts, and I won’t need to spend much time making the update and capturing the new screenshot, I am hoping to do these daily, if I get enough votes.



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